DIY Rainbow party invitations and thank you cards

April 23, 2014 in MAKE

 Mr Printables rainbow party invite

Following on the heels of my last post about Frankie-Rose’s rainbow party, here is another  about her invitations and thank you cards. (Rainbows! so many rainbows!)

Our invitations featured a surprise pop out rainbow, which I made using the  Mr Printables instructions. Its slightly fiddly to sick together but worth it because, oh my. The cute. To make your own, you go to the site and print out the free template. Then cut around it, fold at the fold lines and stick the tabs together with pva. It took me about 45 mins-an hour to make 14 invitations. (including writing details on each one). Mr Printables has an amazing collection of free stuff, check em out if you haven’t already.

Mr Printables rainbow party invites

Mr Printables rainbow party invite

For our thank you cards, I did a variation of my passport valentines card.  To make this, you simply take a digital photo of your kid, take your memory card to a photo shop (I use my local Max Spielman), plug your it into the DIY machine and choose the ‘collage’ function. There is then lots of different options to customise your photo’s, including creating your own passport style photo’s, using different photo’s. You can fit 3 strips of photo’s on one sheet for two quid which is much cheaper than using a photo booth! Cut A4 white card in half then fold each a5 piece of card in half length ways to make a long skinny card. Use two bits of washi tape to stick the top and bottom of the strip of passport photo’s to the card  then hot glue some pompoms to the top. I am really pleased with these cards, and its so nice to send something personalised to Frankie’s friends. I know that she loves to look at photo’s of her friends, so hopefully they will like looking at a photo of her!

passport photo thankyoucards

Passport photos Thank you cards
O k. Thats it with the rainbows. I think we’re due a series of posts that contain only monochrome now…


Frankie Rose’s rainbow party

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Frankie Rose turned two last month and we celebrated with some of our favourite people, some singing, a barbeque, an enormous cake and rainbows. A lot of rainbows. Frankie-Rose has been infatuated with rainbows since she was introduced to them in Mark Herald’s wonderful book of nature (one of our all time faves), and a rainbow party makes an irresistibly cute theme so I kind of ran-like-the-wind with it.

Rainbows could be found at every turn; decorating mini pizza’s, on top of the cake, in the shape of the fruit platter, hanging above the table, on the plates and cups, and in the kids amazing rainbow outfits.



sleeping bunnies




cndles blow duo



IMG_5031The details…

Dave and I draped Rainbow streamers along the ceiling of the lounge, at midnight the night before (naturally) but surprisingly without marital rumpus. We hung a huge rainbow and some rainbow garlands above the table (the large rainbow was printed at a local printers then spray mounted onto some spare foam core). Paper pompoms, garlands, and balloons hung from every nook and hook around the room. Frankie squealed with glee when she saw the rainbow which was rather gratifying, I must say.

The grown ups were cooked a kick ass barbeque with homemade burgers by my mister and the kiddo’s had homemade mini pizza’s (decorated with veg in the shape of mini rainbows. Took me forever and once they came out the oven?!  The rainbows were indistinguishable in the general veggie pizza mess. Great!) My cousin and I made a 4 tier carrot cake with buttercream icing (with half the sugar) from the hummingbird bakery book and decorated it with rainbow smarties. My thinking was that smarties could be removed if parents preferred. It was quite seriously delicious: moist and still really sweet with only half the sugar. I could have gone down the rainbow cake path, dying the different layers a bright colour but I didn’t fancy all the sugar and e-numbers. I made rainbow ice lollies by freezing different blended fruits in layers in the freezer. I then promptly forgot to take them out at the party (of course!). So Frankie Rose has been enjoying a LOT of rainbow ice lollies since!

There were 9 toddlers at the party (and 21 adults!) and I knew it could get a little manic without something for them to focus on, so I set up a few activities. I dyed pasta rainbow colours for the kids to make rainbow necklaces with and made each of them a birthday crown. Frankie-Rose ‘s most favourite thing in the world is singing and dancing, so Dave played his guitar and the kids sang and danced their little rainbow butts off. This was the highlight of the party, they were all so focussed on singing and dancing, on ‘sleeping’ then hopping like little bunnies, on holding hands and ‘okey cokey’-ing. The songs were followed by a breathless chorus of “more! More!” so they were repeated and repeated. They also played with rainbow rhythmic gymnastics ribbons which I didn’t get any photo’s of, but you can see a little video of Frankie working the ribbon like a champ on Instagram. They all really loved this and were able to make some impressive shapes with the ribbons. Little gymnasts! Cute overload!

I typically ran out of time to finish the decorations before everyone arrived.  There was supposed to be a rainbow streamer curtain behind the table, and a mini rainbow streamer strip around the cake stand. I also ran out of time to take proper photo’s before everyone arrived too, as I was upstairs dragging a dress over my head and running around trying to find my shoes (at the same time. Not a good plan. Slightly ripped the dress. Wore it anyway). I could have kept going I guess but I chose to down tools and crack open a bottle of prosecco. A very good idea.

Preparing the house, decorations, activities and food was only possible because my cousin (baker, crafter, babysitter, all round amazing person) came to stay the week leading up to the party. And I’m under no illusions that most of the party decorations were for anyone other than me. I know that Frankie would have been delighted to dance naked around the living room and eat breadsticks. But I happen to get a kick out of party prep and if time and energy allow, I go for it. And it was wonderful. Just the right amount of rainbow themed kiddo fun balanced with grown ups eating burgers and quaffing sparkles.

P.S To give you a break from the onslaught of rainbow photo’s, a seperate post about our invites and thank you cards is coming soon!

Easter morning tea photo shoot


I am sloooowly grinding my blogging gears back up to full speed again and catching up a little. Posting should be a little more frequent freom now on.  Kristy,( the photographer I work with when we shoot houses) and I, have started to get together every month or so to do some seasonal test shoots, just to practice styling and photographing together. Our first shoot day was last month and we shot an Easter morning tea story. We styled and shot 2 colourways, firstly a muted black, white and green colour way, with understated Prius* foliage and secondly a bright multi coloured table with gorgeous daffodils in full bloom.

Baking! An abundance of flowers! Nice china!

Suffice to say, I was happy gal.

Because I am also the writer, when I style these things, the words that will accompany the images sort of spill and coil around the room like smoke…

“Bypass the traditional, and expensive, Easter roast in lieu of a pretty morning tea.…”


“Bedeck the table in Spring flowers, one can never have too many”…



“Let us not forget those yellow trumpets of Spring, the daffodil”


“the rich spicy smell of hot cross buns rising and baking in the oven…”



“Display eggs in decorative vessels; whether they are freshly blown hen eggs, or painted, heavily decorated wooden eggs, they always looks charming.”


“Dye icing in pretty pastel colours and have fun dolloping, flicking and dribbling icing on to simple home made lemon sugar cookies…”

Photographer Kristy Noble, Stylist Hannah Bullivant. Thats err, me.

*Not the correct name but it sounds like Prius- anyone know?!

WOW festival and some feminist shiz

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I spent a very enjoyable weekend celebrating the sistahood (kapow!) at WOW festival* a while ago and it has spurned me on to finally publish a few blog posts I’ve had in draft form for the past year. In honour of WOW (which was weeks ago now, but hey) here goes.

I arrived early to Susie Orbach’s session at WOW. I’d just meandered along The Southbank which was bathed in unseasonal March sunshine, I was high on RFH brownies (THE BEST) and my kid-free self was feeling pretty pumped.  Especially because it sounded like we would be discussing some things I had already started to seriously mull over since Frankie and her eager eyes came along. The session was called “The Personal is still Political: will you Occupy your Body?” and opened with a group discussion about whether our body hang-ups might have stopped us from doing something recently. And there were so, so many things. One of us hadn’t gone swimming due to feeling ‘fat’. Another wouldn’t wear certain clothes if they showed her certain scars or marks. Scores of women wore extremely limited wardrobes because they felt restricted by their body shapes. And story after story spilled out, of women feeling shame or hatred about their bodies not meeting this vague but powerful vision of ‘perfect womanhood’ we see everywhere around us.

IMG_4334But lets backtrack a minute, to having a baby, to Frankie and her curious eager eyes. Having a baby is monumentally life changing. Like enormous mountain-movingly life changing. And one of the biggest shifts for me has been in how I think about myself as a woman. Having a kid, a daughter, is some serious shizzle. What will she learn from me about being a woman, both inadvertently and directly?  What messages am I passing on to her about who she is and what she can achieve? What am I demonstrating to her about being ok with your body, about loving your body even, and not wasting precious time hating yourself? (Things I, and I suspect most women, have struggled with).

There is nothing like a small eager pair of eyes following your every move to make you question how you do things. Frankie often watches us get ready to leave the house. On the mornings when Dave didn’t so much as glance in the mirror before haring out the door, yet I stood there for at least 20 minutes putting a shocking amount of hair product in my hair, plucking eyebrows, and slathering my face in make up, what does Frankie learn? On days when it is a case of layering on pink lipstick to add a bit of happiness to a crappy day or because I’m in a ‘wear all of the colours” sort of mood, then great. It’s good to be bright sometimes! I wish more men felt they could do the same. But I used to apply make up every single day, to hide spots, bags and perceived imperfections on my face. Every. Single. Day. Think of all of the time I have collectively spent doing that? The daily application of this make up was not an expression of colour or creativity but was about wearing a mask. It was about me trying to nudge my face and body a bit closer to ‘What a Woman Should Look Like’. And by that I mean, young, skinny, hairless and smooth. When I put it like that I can’t believe I was ever duped enough in to buying into it. I say ‘was’ because I have actually almost entirely stopped wearing make up (bar the exceptions above), a slow process that began in the exhausting aftermath of having a baby, and not even being able to find time to poop, never mind clean myself or apply make up.




There is always time for lunch from the food market. yum.

And, whilst I’m on a confession roll, I’ve shaved my armpits once in the last 18 months. Again, this started with neglect, in the new baby ‘how do I find time to make a cup of goddam tea’ days but turned into something else. A quiet little protest. In my pits…. Because I am done with being part of the ridiculous “women aren’t hairy/spotty/tired (etc), honest!” façade. The more I think about it the more laughable it becomes. Why do we spend so much time and money shaving, plucking and waxing our body hair; mostly painfully? So much time and money on make up and hair stuff? Why do we do that when it is entirely normal for most men to rarely have to think about such inconvenient things**? Why is the image of a hairy woman so unacceptable or even disgusting for so many people? (In my case, including close family members!) I’m still in the midst of all of these personal epiphanies/angsty musings and am by no means on the other side of it but I sincerely hope that by the time I’m a grandmother we’ll look back and laugh at the ridiculous things we did to our bodies in the name of ‘beauty’. I hope. But until then, I’m going to let Frankie and those eager eyes be my compass as I continue to navigate through these new women/motherhood/girlhood thoughts and revelations.



Info and links

The session was led by Susie Orbach in conjunction with AnyBody , a brilliant campaign group: “dedicated to giving voice to groups and individuals challenging our devastating acceptance of body hatred as normal. We collect evidence, raise awareness and speak out to challenge government policy and complacency.” Check out their ace website, I particularly like their section on mums.

My feminism, as I have iterated before, is definitely a process.  I related too, and absolutely loved this TED talk by Courtney Martin (founder of about the role of mothers in their daughters activism, and the paradoxes and failures of trying to figure things out.

*I know that pressure on men to look a certain way is also an important issue, and there are all sorts of mens issues that need more attention. But- I debated whether there was a need to state something so stupidly obvious but here goes- global misogyny is rampant in a way that misandry just isn’t, and is therefore definitely worth more attention etc.

** WOW festival is Women of the World Festival, an awesome feminist festival held on the Southbank in London very year. I’m going to try to go every year. Where else can you rub shoulders with Susie Orbach, Ruby Wax, Shami Chakrabarti, Vivienne Westwood and 12-year-old girls kicking misogynist  ass in their schools? Just so good. and the brownies?! oh my.

A holiday at home.

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We holidayed at home last week, celebrating the return of the long gone wanderer. The ‘Dadu on a plane’. The mister who’s still working at 3am, or filming up a mountain in Scotland or holed up in edit suite for 3 days at a time… you get the idea. He came home to a wonky ‘welcome home’ banner, brandishing flowers and looking a little… ragged around the edges.

So; last week: small luxuries. Sleep. And more sleep. Frying bacon from the butchers next door, sizzling eggs and grinding coffee, eating in the garden. Lunches in the pub, as Franks sleeps in the buggy. Giddy at the huge amount of time we have to spend together. Awkward too, at times; missed sleep, frustration and tantrums from all 3 of us (!) as we slowly adjust to being 3 again. We have a celebratory lunch at The Sportsman in Seasalter, having deposited Frankie with the grandparents. We comment that The Sportsman is like being in your foodie friends living room. Despite its coy michelin stars, prissy it is not. In fact, its really laid back, reassuringly shabby, even. Highlights were the maple roasted Pork and the cream cheese meringue ice cream in pear puree with ginger cake crumbs (HOLY MOLY).

Then its Mothers Day. The first half of which is a little hectic (hour change napping chaos; Grand Prix) but soon we’re at the beach. We spread our blanket, and slowly eat our picnic from Windy Corner Stores (my favourite). Lay down a while. Collect oyster and clam shells, spot birds. Frankie runs wildly after Dogs (and consequently so do we). We scoff cake, and watch as the tide recedes. Its absorbing, mesmerising. Shockingly quick. And its so good to be together, quietly (on account of the cake), watching the tide.

























Mothers day has, in the past, been a pretty miserable day for Dave and I (both motherless. Sucks) but it is so nice to redeem and celebrate it, and not spend the day flicking the v’s at everything. (if thats you, for any reason, you have my sincerest sympathies)

Hope you are enjoying Spring as much as us!

On being a ‘young’ mum: us in Asos Magazine

March 26, 2014 in ME & MINE, PUBLISHED WRITING

Asos magazine

I’m breaking my wholly unintentional, sickness-and-absent-mister-induced, blog silence to say that you can find our mugs in this months Asos magazine. Whoa! The lovely folk (and they really are lovely) over there got in touch a while ago to ask if we would be up for talking about our little family, and specifically why we had Frankie when we did, as (relative) young uns’. It’s something I’ve talked about lots before (including here and here), and you can read more in Asos magazine, as well as see a rather large picture of us (Yikes!) I was 26 when I got pregnant, and absolutely not at the career zenith most sensible women wait for before they get themselves up-duffed . It was financially perilous and ridiclously risky career wise. Some bumps and craters in the road along the way, then it turned out to be a pretty great decision.

We had a photo shoot with them a few weeks ago which was both a pleasure and a challenge with a wriggly toddler, evident I believe, in my slightly strained smile?!  We chose ethical clothes from Asos’s website. That dress, that beautiful silky, giraffe print ,90′s cut beauty is by House of Hackney, is wholly manufactured in the UK and is utterly beautiful (sadly not able to keep that one, but we got a few other freebies which was lovely. The dress is on my one-day wish list though; bold, italicised. underlined. The works.) Frankie is wearing top to toe Boys and Girls, a brand I’m sure you all know we adore, and Dave chose some organic nudie jeans and American Apparel but they couldn’t source them last min, so he’s just wearing some stuff he already owned, plus an Asos T-shirt (a bit bummed about that but it was all pretty last min and you can’t win em all.)  Asos is actually pretty decent for ethical clothes; check out their Africa collection and their Green Room. They stock tons of items from ethical designers and their marketplace is dreamy for finding second hand high street and designer clobber.


If you don’t receive Asos magazine (and apparently a whopping half million of you do- whoa) then you can see an image of the pdf below. If you’ve come over from Asos, then Hello! Welcome! :

Download (PDF, 7.01MB)

I mention our ‘low key, handmade wedding’ in the piece, and if you’re nosy, like me,  you can read more about it here

In other news, family-geddon is finally over. I am (pretty much) well again after getting ANOTHER cold last week (I mean, COME ON. wt actual f?!), on the back of a string of illnesses, plus my mister is finally back from the mother of all music video jobs that has taken him to Scotland, Somerset, LA and, most importantly (ahem) away from Frankie Rose and I for most of the last 3 months. I’ll be able to reveal who he’s been working with in a month or so but its pretty awesome. So, we’re enjoying a pub lunch/ park/ sleep-filled holiday at home, and adjusting to being a unit of 3 again. I have lots to blog about, and lots to catch up on with your blogs too and hope to be able to do so in the next few weeks.

Off for some vino and an early night. Night chaps!

P.S Although I’ve been a bit absent here, I’m always knocking about on instagram and twitter. Come say hi.

And that was February

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photo 4

photo 5-3

photo 2-7

photo 3

photo 1-8

photo 2-8

photo 3-7

The above photo’s are a few of the lighter moments in the month; days in the woods, savouring the first of the snowdrops, some Galentines packages, a quick trip to London to see Emily and pop into the Donna Wilson sample sale, and buy (yet more) plants from Colombia rd. I finally took some photo’s of the house too, seen as we’ve been stuck in it for so long: Some new WOW letters in the kitchen, a completed picture wall in the lounge (with neon washi tape), a kitchen full of plants and flowers, and my beloved bed, where I’ve been spending as much time as my offspring will allow.

photo 1-9

photo 2-9

But in many ways Februrary is a month best forgotten for us. Dave is working on a brutally long job at the moment and it is really taking its toll on our family. Both Frankie and I were sick for most of the month without Dave around to help. We have a few more weeks of this job ahead too. In the meantime he quietly released another music video for for GAPS, based on the Serpentine dance.  Its beautiful. He’s a talented dude, that man of mine. If only I could see slightly more of him.

In brighter news, today is Pancake day, (almost) my favourite day of the year and there is a decent-ish chance that Dave will be home before 9pm so we can actually eat some together. Hurray! And Spring is most definitely here, and most definitely welcome, too.

“Its ok” packages for Galantines day

February 15, 2014 in MAKE, ME & MINE

I’m not too keen on traditional Valentines schmaltz. My mister and I will get a fish and chip dinner, as usual, and that’s about it. I do like thinking about Valentines as a way to celebrate other people in my life that I love though (I once sent some little love heart garlands to the ladies I love in my family a few Valentines days ago.) So I am all over Galentines Day*.  It just so happens that this year I have a few friends having a pretty rough time with sickness or break ups or horrid stress. So I sent them each a little “its ok” Valentines package. Frankie and I made double chocolate cookies, I made four “its ok” banners using Davina’s very helpful tutorial  plus a few other bits: a jar of hazelnut butter for a healthy treat, some knitted slippers, a Valentines card and a card from Frankie.






IMG_4170The wrapping paper Pompoms were left over from my Christmas wreath. Craft recycling ftw.

*”Galantines day?”, you wonder? Ask Leslie.



<iframe src=”” width=”400″ height=”225″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

Easy washi tape Valentines ideas for Papermash

February 13, 2014 in MAKE, PUBLISHED WRITING


I absolutely love styling the houses Kristy and I have been shooting and writing about*, and I have since been focussing on doing some more styling work on a smaller scale. I recently shot some Washi tape for Lynne over at Papermash for her marvellous washi tape subscription.  I created five different ideas for Valentines using Papermash products and I absolutely loved doing so.

Anyone, and I really do mean anyone,  can whip up a gorgeous handmade valentines with these super simple ideas.


1) Instead of giving your nearest and dearest a card, why not create lots of little valentines messages on washi hearts then leave them around the house? Simply layer up strips of washi tape onto a piece of white card (see image above). Create a simple Love heart template then trace it on to the washi covered card. Cut out, punch a hole, thread with some string and leave little messages on them.



2) A strip of black and white passport photo’s is a lovely and long lasting momento of Valentines day. However, not everyone has access to a retro photo booth, including me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my local Max Spielman was able to take a few different pics of Frankie and I holding a “we love you” sign and turn them black and white. Frankie responded much better to a person holding a camera, rather than cramming us both into an actual booth which wouldn’t have had such good results, I think.  As well as a few strups of black and white photo’s, they gave me a couple of coloured strips too for less than 2 quid. I think any photo shop will be able to take your photo, or a few different photo’s, and turn them black and white for you. Then simply tape them to the inside of a card.


3) It couldn’t be much simpler, sillier or more adorable than taping your loved ones favourite teabag to a card. This would go marvellously with a date for afternoon tea.



4) What could be lovelier than to receive a jar of wild flower seeds for valentines? I always really like gardening related Valentines (remember this “hello sweatpea card I made? I was inspired by that idea to create this jar).  Decorate an old jam jar with little hearts cut out from tape and stick a label to the front with your message on it. Nice perhaps for a greener fingered loved one.


5) For a twist on the Valentines bouquet, snip roses just before the bud and string them on to a length of twine. This will also effectively dry them out and keep them looking beautiful for months. You could do this just before the roses are about to wilt to preserve them for longer. I can confirm that my garland of dried roses is still looking lovely, over 4 weeks later.

Most of what you see on the images above can be purchased from Papermash, twine, glitter tape, washi tape, stamps etc.

*lots happening behind the scenes on the interiors shoots but everything just takes ages. I’m still looking for houses so do get in touch if you know of anything.

P.s February has been pretty challenging so far. Frankie and I have been really poorly and my mister has been away a lot with work, which is an awful combination. My sister in law who normally looks after Frankie for me has been sick too so no childcare for 3 weeks now, and no mister,  and work is piling up. Yikes! But we’re on the mend now and lots of exciting things are coming up, so… *deep breath*…. chin up.

That was January

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A walk round Faversham marshes

Winter soup

So, that was January.

We started the year as we meant to go on; brewing beer and making massive batches of marmalade, filling the whole house with the sweet malty smell of hops and the citrussy tang of seville oranges boiling on the hob. Both are such lovely January activities that we hope to continue every year.

The Shingles I had over Christmas, although now clear, is still evilly clutching on somehow and I’ve spent the whole month in a fug of post-viral exhaustion, crawling into bed shortly after Frankie-Rose. Or at least thats what I intend to do. 10 o’clock jumps out at me from nowhere and proverbially whacks me over the head most nights. How does that keep happening?!

Our January was also very dry. No TV, chocolate, cake or booze. At times it was unbelievably difficult. And there have been a few minor hiccups. But we got there, with fresh resolve to be a bit healthier. Tonight we celebrate. Yes, one day early, but we won’t be together on Saturday so we’re calling it quits a little bit early. I’m almost quivering with excitement about the prospect of a bit of chocolate cake and a glass of wine (I had to stop myself from saying a MASSIVE SLAB OF CHOCOLATE CAKE AND A WHOLE BOTTLE OF WINE. Moderation. Moderation…)

We have been on a few walks around Faversham, our favourite being the Faversham Marshes, into the bird reserve. Its by far the most beautiful I’ve seen in Faversham, despite it ending in an (inevitable) slip and muddy bottom for me (Clumsy Mc-clums, me). You start at the boat yard, on a very straight path with bushy borders of grasses and reeds that sway as you pass. As you walk along the creek more and more boats appear, resting on their sides, pillowed in the glistening mud. Fishermen clean nets and yell instructions at each other, snippets of which reach your ears, on the other side.  Eventually you get to the marshes themselves that stretch out a vast distance in most directions. Pylons stand sentry in lines crossing the landscape and birds that we don’t know the names of dart above us, dancing in the wind. Frankie slept in the sling for the first half, then was a star when she woke up, braving the mud, then ultimately choosing to go back in the sling. It ended up at the pub for a …cup of tea (see Amish January above)

Winsome visitors have descended and left again; my lovely Dad came for a weekend. We took him to Whitstable for fish a chips and cooked steak at home and Frankie revelled in the love and attention lavished on her. Our London friends popped up for the day. I made a simple lunch of Pea soup (I’ve been making tons of soup) and bread then we hauled the buggies and their sleeping contents along the creek (a different bit to the one above). My misters family came to celebrate both my father in laws birthday and Burns night. I lived in Scotland for a few years and love all things Burns. Evergreens and candles clustered in the middle of the table and my brother in law served up Cullen skink, haggis, neeps and tatties, and I served up Mary Berry’s Scottish Mist. Yes, its as good as it sounds.  (I was too busy eating to take photo’s though)

Frankie and I continue to collect treasures from the woods, which assemble on the table in varying combinations. Evergreens are my new love, and they decorate the front door and and the table. I stole the idea of putting them in a jar from Ray (my sister in law). Candlemas is nearly here and we have stocked up on Beeswax candles in celebration (a new tradition, and an excuse for more candles, really).

Some (/too many) pictures to illustrate.

sleeping toddler in the sling

A walk round Faversham marshes
A walk round Faversham marshes

A walk round Faversham marshes

A walk round Faversham marshes

A walk round Faversham marshes

A walk round Faversham marshes

A walk round Faversham marshes

A walk round Faversham marshes

A walk round Faversham marshes

Winter kitchen tableThe concrete shapes wont stay there. They’re new, from  the Goodhood Store and I love them. 

making seville marmalade

making seville marmalade

making seville marmalade

Homemade seville marmalade

Homemade seville marmalade

Homemade seville marmalade


Winter kitchen table

Evergreen January door decoration


Gorgeous wintry light. 

More has happened, I’m filling the house with house plants, theres been some good work news, some illness, childcare developments. My mister is SUPER busy working on a secret project with a mega band- very exciting! But I have to stop somewhere

This was supposed to be 2, or even 3, posts, but I lost time in the midst of all that was January so here we are; one enormous post, on a stormy Friday evening. Oh well, Chin chin! I hope January has treated you kindly, it has a habit of being a bit grumpy. But, onwards! Spring is just round the corner. Happy February to you and Happy Chinese New Year too. x